Waterfalls In Ghana

Most of the waterfalls are seasonal but the interesting fact of it is that they are all surrounded  by very attractive mountainous and woody settings. 

Kintampo Waterfalls
The Kintampo waterfalls located on the Kumasi-Kintampo highway provides a panoramic scene and superbly display the beauty of nature. It is about 4km away from Kintampo township, on the Kumasi-Tamale road. The Pumpu River falls about seventy (70) meters down beautiful rocky steps to continue its journey towards the Black Volta at Buipe. These superb falls mysteriously disappear and resurface 200 meters away from its original location.
  Wli Waterfalls
It is  located 20km from Hohoe, in the Wli Natural Reserve. It flows throughout the year. It is situated at the edge of the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary, which has hundreds of fruit bats and a few monkeys and antelopes. The water falls from a descending height of about 1,600 feet.
Other falls in the Volta Region
  Fuller Falls
The spectacular looking Fuller Falls is located about 7km from Kintampo. It descends gently over a series of cascades on the Oyoko River at Yabraso. The surrounding green environment adds to the colourful nature of the fall. It offers the visitor a wonderful scenery and a refreshing pool to take a dip and a place to relax quietly
  Begoro Waterfalls
The Begoro Waterfalls located in the Eastern Region of Ghana is an ideal grounds for picnics. It consists of a series of falls located at the heart of a magnificent woodland.
Boti Falls
This spectacular waterfalls is situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana, embedded at the heart of the forest reserve at Huhunya, which is about 17km North-East of Koforidua, the regional capital. It is a seasonal fall with cascades in the immediate surrounding areas. The falls is at its best from June to August.

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